Bye Laws

• Security Deposit

Active / Tenure / Outstation / War Widow / War Disabled and Elderly Members will deposit a sum of Rs 6000/- or as amended from time to time with the Institute as security deposit at the time of granting Membership. On termination of membership, Security Deposit held with the Institute will be refunded to the Member after deducting all the dues. In case of death of a member, the security deposit amount after deducting all dues will be remitted to the widow of the deceased member, if she predeceased the member, the same will be remitted to the next of kin of the member on submission of proof of legal heir or succession certificate.

• Credit Limits

Member’s maximum credit limit has been fixed at Rs 2500/-. Members are to ensure that their credit limit does not exceed the prescribed credit limit of Rs 2500/- at any given time during the month. Once a member reaches his maximum credit limit, no further credit facilities will be provided to him till he deposits adequate amount at the Account Section during working hours or at the reception if the services are utilised after working hours. Members who have crossed their maximum credit limit of Rs 2,500/- and continue to sign credit chits will be fined Rs. 100/- each time they cross their credit limit.

• Institute Bills

Billing cycle is from 1 to 30/31 of each month for all members other then outstation members. Billing cycle for outstation members will be yearly from 01 Apr to 31 March (applicable from 01 Apr 09). Bills will be dispatched to the members at the addresses held in the Institute records as given by the members, latest by the 12th of the following month to which the bills pertain. It will be the responsibility of the members to pay their bills and in the event of its non receipt by expected date, members are requested to ask the amount on telephone from the institute and clear the bill by due date. The onus of clearing the bills within the stipulated time is that of the member. Any postal delay or non receipt of the bills is not an excuse, for delayed payment. Intimation of dues to members through SMS and E-mail address as per Institute’s record will also be treated as intimation of dues to respective members. Due date for payment of bill will be 30/31 of the month following the billing month. In case payment of bill is not made in time as per due date mentioned in the bill, panel interest rate of 2% pm will be charged on outstanding amount and the same becomes payable by member on expiry of due date. Accordingly, total amount payable by due date and total amount payable after due date ( including panel interest of 2% for one month on complete amount outstanding on due date) will be mentioned on the bills itself. Amount remain outstanding after the expiry of due date (including panel interest) will be carried forward and shown as arrears in the next monthly bill. . Details of chits signed by the members and KOTs with date and amount is provided with the monthly bills. Copies of chits and KOTs will not be dispatched to members along with monthly bills. Members may examine, if need arises, copies of vouchers signed by them, in the Bills Section during office hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, pertaining to the previous month only. Members wishing to examine copies of their vouchers more than one month old will be required to pay a charge of Rs 10/- for such an examination. However, vouchers more than three months old will not be produced. Members who opt for copies of chits to be dispatched along with their monthly bill will be required to apply in writing and charged Rs 25/- for each bill as postal/incidental charges and amount will be debited in their bill. Members signing credit vouchers, with membership number other than their own, will be fined Rs 100/- or as decided by Management, per wrong credit voucher signed. Such members will be issued a “Show Cause Notice” for the misconduct and in case their explanation is not found satisfactory, their membership is liable to be terminated. Members shall be careful and ensure that correct membership number is entered along with the date in the appropriate column before signing the credit voucher.

•  Parking of Vehicles

Members will park Cars / Scooters in the proper areas specified for the purpose. Members will invariably obtain the car parking tokens from the security guards at the entrance gates at the time of entry to the Institute and surrender the same to them when taking their vehicles out of the Institute. No vehicles will be allowed to leave the Institute unless the car parking tokens are surrendered. Members losing their tokens will be liable to pay Rs 20/- towards the cost thereof and permitted to take the vehicles only with the permission of the Secretary. Members will also ensure that DSOI car stickers are displayed prominently on the windscreens of their vehicles. Members or their guests are not allowed to park their vehicles over night. However, in some very special situation like unserviceability of the vehicle, member falling sick and not in a state to drive the vehicle, only in such cases if their vehicle is required to be parked inside DSOI for overnight, a special charge of Rs 100/- per night will be charged. Members/or their dependents parking their vehicles at DSOI and going out of the Institute for a period more than 4 hours will pay Rs 20/- for the said period at the Main Gate. Although limited number of security guards is deployed in the Institute premises and token system is followed, the Institute shall not be held responsible for loss of any vehicle or any belongings / fitments either kept inside or fitted in the vehicle.

• Transfer of Membership to Widow

In case of death of a permanent member, the same membership can be transferred to the widow of the deceased member if she wishes to continue the Membership of her husband. In such case she has to apply for the same along with the family pension papers and old membership card held by her as a wife of the deceased Member. In case of death of an officer after applying for membership but before the grant of membership, a widow will be eligible and can apply for the membership. However, transfer/ grant of membership will be subject to the approval of the management.